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Oscar Mayer gives away Hot Dog Straws: Gross or genius?

Oscar Mayer gives away Hot Dog Straws

It’s a hotdog. Oh, and it’s also a straw. Gross or Genius?

You decide.

Remember an Instagram Reels post seen by billions on TikTok? If not, let me refresh your memory.

In August 2022, a somewhat disturbing video by Instagram user @NewYorkNico went viral thanks to what some call an unusual invention: a makeshift straw made from, you guessed it, a hot dog. The video features a man in the stands of a baseball game using a plastic straw to poke a hole through his hot dog before he then uses it to sip a beer.

So, to celebrate the video’s one-year anniversary and the fan’s ingenious hack, iconic hot dog brand Oscar Mayer just announced it’s bringing the viral hack to life with its limited-edition Hot Dog Straw, available at

You read that right. Oscar Mayer is now selling hot dog straws. Ewe.

Now before you (and I) get even more grossed out, the straws aren’t actual hotdogs. They’re said to mirror the same size and color of a cooked dog and are made using food-safe soft silicone to replicate the feel of a real Oscar Mayer hot dog.

In other words, no, you can’t eat it.

But, yes, you can buy one, only for a limited time.

Just head on over to to order the Hot Dog Straw for free.

Good luck though. Here’s the message I got from Oscar Mayer when I was curious enough to see what would happen if I tried to sign up.

“SORRY! We have run out of stock for the day. Please come back and try again tomorrow. Thank you!”

Hmm. OK, so it wasn’t meant to be. If you still want one though, maybe try tomorrow.

Or not.

Because if you ask me, yes, the idea of a Hot Dog Straw is just that.