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Overcoming challenges with Olympic gold medalist and cancer survivor

In recognition of National Cancer Survivor Month, Shannon Miller, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and cancer survivor, joins the camera in Atlanta along with Buffy Swinehart, Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Aflac.

Shannon Miller’s inspiring story captures the hearts of Americans, as she not only achieved great success as an Olympic gymnast but also faced a formidable opponent off the balance beam: ovarian cancer. As June highlights the resilience and strength of cancer survivors, Shannon and Buffy discuss the results of a surprising new survey conducted by Aflac.

With Shannon’s personal journey as the backdrop, viewers are invited to hear her share her story of battling cancer and overcoming the challenges it presented. As a world-class athlete, Shannon’s cancer diagnosis undoubtedly came as a surprise, highlighting the importance of awareness and early detection. Buffy then delves into Aflac’s recent wellness survey, shedding light on its purpose and methodology. The conversation reveals the survey’s findings, offering valuable insights into the importance of building good health habits, especially among young people.