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Patty picks a comedy with heart, a scary sequel and a time traveling thriller!

Time for a movie on Patty’s Picks – she has 3 new films to preview for us…a comedy with heart, a scary sequel and a time traveling thriller.

Patty Spiter reviews ’65’ , starring Adam Driver as a pilot who crashes onto an odd planet…and a young girl who is the only other survivor of this violent accident. 

Then, It’s a slasher-thriller-mystery as ‘Scream VI’ screams on the big screen! ( Of note, due to contract and money issues, Neve Campbell will NOT appear in this film…as she has in the past 26 years..)

Finally, based on a Spanish 2018 movie, it’s called ‘Champions’ as Woody Harrelson takes center court as a successful basketball coach with a drinking probem, who gets arrested and then sentenced to coach a disabled young team for the Special Olympics.. other noteworthy appearances by Ernie Hudson and Cheech Marin…here’s more with ‘Champions’.

The young cast steals the show…someone said these folks with disabilites are being exploited, I say no…they are being acknowleged and praised! They’re having fun, learning a craft and taking the ‘dis’ out of abled!

5 out of 5 stars…’Champions’ is a heartwarming, uplifting ‘slam dunk’!