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Patty’s Picks: ‘Expend4bles’ (or Expendables 4)

Patty’s Picks

Ouch! Ask Patty Spitler how she really feels about ‘Expend4bles’ or ‘Expendables 4’!

On today’s Patty’s Picks, she looks at a film franchise with some familiar faces and and some ‘new blood’.  

Yeah, lots of blood… old and new! They say this will be the last one of this genre.  

The story is some of the same of the 3 that came before. When all else, fails, who ya gonna call… nooo, not ‘Ghostbusters’ but rather the Expendables…the world’s last defensive players when nothing else and no one else can help the crisis. 

Jason Statham returns along with Dolph Lundgren…and yes, after much ado, Sylvester Stallone is back as well. He said he had creative differences, then backed up and has a hand as a producer in this film that he says is his last time playing in this franchise. Well, he is 77 years old, come on. 

The team with new faces from ’50 Cent’ and Megan Fox. 

The team tracks down a former soldier turned arms dealer.  

Rated R, the 3rd one in the franchise was rated PG 13 and some say that’s why it didn’t do so well. 

This one runs 1 hour 43 minutes. 

Patty gives it a generous 2 out of 5 stars…