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Patty’s Picks: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’

Patty’s Picks: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’

In this edition of “Patty’s Picks,” Patty Spitler, our trusted movie critic, brings us a delightful review of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.”

With a gap of more than 20 years since the original in 2002, this film continues the heartwarming saga of the Portokalos family.

Many familiar faces from the first and second films, including writer/director/actress Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, and Lainie Kazan, return to grace the screen.

The story takes a poignant turn as Gus, the family patriarch, has passed away, leaving behind a wish for his daughter and her family to reconnect with their Greek roots.

As the family embarks on this journey, hilarious encounters with Greek natives ensue, accompanied by lively singing, dancing, and, most importantly, authentic acting.

Patty found this film to be a breath of fresh air, clocking in at a brisk 1 hour and 31 minutes, offering both fun and clever humor while presenting an insightful peek into a rich culture without offense.

She particularly loved the line from the movie, quoting Gus, who declares, “There are two kinds of people – Greeks and everyone else who wish they were Greek.”

Patty gives this heartwarming film a stellar rating of 4 ½ out of 5 stars, making it a must-see for all moviegoers.