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Patty’s Picks: ‘Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie’

Patty’s Picks: ‘Paw Patrol’ The Mighty Movie

Friday brings us another exciting edition of Patty’s Picks, where we explore a movie that’s sure to pique the interest of parents and kids, despite its unexpected PG-13 rating.

Yes, it may start a tad dark, but with adult supervision, it should be just fine.

Today, we’re diving into “Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie,” the second film adaptation of the beloved TV series, with a third installment slated for 2026.

This animated action-adventure film shows us that even the smallest pup can make a big difference.

The plot revolves around a massive meteor crash in Adventure City, granting the Paw Patrol pups superpowers.

Now known as the Mighty Pups, they must protect their city from the meteor-loving “mad scientist” Victoria Vance and Mayor Humdinger, who aim to steal the pups’ crystals to become supervillains.

It’s a heartwarming movie with moments of humor and a strong message of companionship, diversity, accountability, friendship, and working for the greater good – all powered by adorable puppies!

Although rated PG-13, Patty recommends watching it with your child and letting them share their thoughts.

The movie runs just over an hour and a half, leaving you with plenty to ‘paws’ and reflect on. She gives it 3 ½ treats, or in other words…starts out of 5!