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Perfect gifts for the holidays with ‘Gadget Guy’

Gadget Guy: Gabb Wireless Watch 3


1. Gabb Wireless Watch 3 – High-End Smartwatch Phone for Kids w/ GPS Tracking & SOS 

$149.99 $74.99 (SALE) + Cellular Plan (Starts at $12.99/mo)
Give your kids more freedom while also able to keep track and stay in touch anywhere, anytime. The Gabb Wireless Watch 3 is this best-in-class smartwatch phone for kids ages 5 to 11, and has a durable construction and an IP68 Water-Resistance Rating. It comes equipped with a 1.41” TFT color touchscreen display protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 screen cover, sporting a 360 x 320 pixels resolution. It features 3G connectivity for unlimited voice calls and text messaging through Gabb’s subscription-based Cellular Plan, plus GPS connectivity for GPS tracking via Gabb’s private wireless network, allowing parents to see their child’s current location at any moment. Parents can also set customizable Safe Zones, and then get smartphone notifications anytime their child leaves or enters those zones, such as school or a friend’s house. It also features Bluetooth connectivity for audio connection, and also for accessing its parental controls via the MyGabb App. The watch also integrates safety functionalities, including an SOS/Emergency Contact button, and up to 100 pre-saved contacts. The Focus & Silent Mode allows parents to schedule a time when this mode engages, eliminating distractions when their kids need to focus, like during school time. Kids are offered a 9-key keypad for dialing phone numbers, a software keyboard for messaging, emojis, 20 customizable text message presets, a voice messaging function, and speech-to-text. Other cool features include custom wallpapers, a calculator, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, a reminder, a step counter, an activity tracker, and a virtual pet they can take care of, similar to a Tamagotchi. The watch boasts between 12 to 48 hours battery, and supports wireless charging. 


2. Slimca HERE – Ultra-Thin Tracker w/ Worldwide Tracking, Reminders & USB-C Charging

Never lose your wallet, luggage, or other personal belongings with the Slimca HERE. This ultra-thin, high-end tracking card can help you quickly find the location of a lost item by simply pinging the device via the Apple Find My App. The tracker is about the size of a credit card, has a durable and flexible construction, and has an IP64 Water-Resistance Rating. It integrates built-in 105dB dual speakers which generate audible alarms for physically locating a lost item within your vicinity through sound. It also comes equipped with an Airgain-designed antenna which gives it global connectivity with Apple Find My Network, giving it worldwide tracking capabilities through the Apple Find My App. Via the App, you can check the last known location of your lost item as well as its current location, and also receive Left Behind smartphone alerts. The tracker also features an On/Off push button, support to USB-C charging, and up to 5 months battery life. It’s available at Kickstarter for the early bird price of $31 and comes with a free RFID blocker. 


3. Walkee Paws All-In-One Dog Boot Leggings  – Never lose a dog boot again!$54.99 – $74.99

Are you tired of dog boots that are hard to get on and have a habit of falling off (plus are uncomfy for your furry friend)? Then you need the better bootie! Our Deluxe Dog Boot Leggings feature 4 waterproof, molded boots that connect to water-resistant leggings. Leggings suspend over your dog’s back, and straps easily adjust to fit a range of dog heights and lengths within each size.

Boots are made from stretchy, durable Thermoplastic Elastomer, designed for enhanced durability, and tested to withstand cold down to -40°F. The seamless booties feature non-slip soles and mold to your dog’s paws for total canine comfort, allowing them to feel the ground while walking.
Get ulti-mutt protection from winter woes, including icy sidewalks, harmful snowmelt chemicals and more.
Video: Paws Bag & Leash Combo – A leash that magically transforms into 5 wearable bag styles and a car restraint for the pup! $36.99

We’ve changed the dog-walking game! Introducing the Bag & Leash Combo, an all-in-one product that magically transforms to meet your dog-walking needs. It’s a leash when you need it, a bag when you don’t! In just a few simple steps, you can turn it into a cross-body or waist bag, wristlet, backpack and more, and you can even use it as a doggy car restraint.
Tired of holding or wearing your pooch’s leash while he plays and juggling your phone, wallet, treats, poop bags, etc? Our Bag & Leash Combo does the job for you! It’s designed to store all of your & your pup’s stuff, for a hands-free experience everywhere you go. We’ve truly simplified your everyday dog walk!


4. Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill & Weber Lumin Electric Grill 

$449 | $519 

For BBQ lovers, the Weber Traveler is the perfect option for anyone who wants delicious grilled food away from home, no matter if you’re camping, tailgating, or picnicking. This portable gas grill packs a compact form-factor and integrates a heavy-duty, all-terrain cart frame equipped with rubberized wheels that make transporting it outdoors a breeze on any terrain. Its innovative one-handed setup, assisted fold-down, and attached cart make it incredibly easy to set up. The stand can also be folded inwards for storing it inside a car’s trunk. It has a large 320 square inch grilling area that’s spacious enough to easily fit up to 15 burgers or 20 sausages, so you can have enough food for a whole group. It also features a wide low-to-high temperature range of up to 13,000 BTUs, making it ideal for searing steaks, grilling juicy chicken, or even cooking fluffy pancakes or breakfast burritos. The grill also integrates a large side table equipped with tool hooks that allows you to prepare food easily. 


For an electric alternative, the Weber Lumin is your go-to solution. Designed to suit both your taste and your outdoor space, this multifunctional electric grill comes equipped with high-quality porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, which feature a unique flavorizing system that’s specially designed to deliver the authentic flavor of “hot off the grill” food from an electric grill. It has a wide 242 grilling area, along with a vast temperature range that can reach temperatures over 600°F. You can cook your food with it in high-heat sear, as well as steam food, do smoke infusions to further enhance that grill flavor guests crave, slow-grill food from frozen fare, and even keep food warm so that everyone can easily serve themselves.