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PHIT America seeks to get kids active

Academic benefits to children who exercise during the school day are massive. PHIT American has some exciting products to help your kids increase their physical activity.

We are trying to inspire people to perspire. We have 82 million Americans that are inactive. We need to be active every day.  These are all products that take the work out of the workout and inspire you to perspire.” Mike May, PHIT America


  NBA Breakaway Over the Door Unit from Spalding – It has the same function as the NBA’s On-Court rim. Perfect addition to a bedroom, office, or a dorm room. Its presence will inspire you to play basketball.

SportCount — A ring-sized lap counter which is good for walkers, runners, and swimmers. It enables you to calculate (1) your total number of laps in the workout; (2) the average lap speed; (3) fastest lap; (4) and total time.

Trimino Protein Infused Water from Miami Bay Beverage Company – A sugar-free protein-infused water which is also caffeine-free and carbohydrate-free. This drink helps with hydration and slows down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream which helps to reduce hunger and makes it easier for the body to burn fat.

The Burn Machine from The Burn Machine – Now available in a 2-pound unit. This is the combination of a hand weight and a speed bag that a boxer uses to get fit. This portable fitness accessory comes in three other different weights – 4 pounds, 8 pounds, and 12 pounds. It works on toning the muscles of the upper body and your cardio fitness.

Graphene Radical tennis racquet from Head – This racquet is made of grapheme, the world’s lightest and strongest material. With very little effort, you are able to generate racquet head speed which very little effort. This racquet, which is lighter than a feather and stronger than a diamond, is endorsed by tennis great Andy Murray.

Hex technology from McDavid – A big part of being active is avoiding injury. The Hex technology is available in a padded sleeveless shirt and elbow pads which are worn underneath your uniform in football, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. Helps absorb body-to-body contact.

Compression socks from McDavid — one sock has reflective qualities,which is great for running after dark……the other sock is a compression sock which improves blood flow to the calf muscles which supports muscle recovery following a workout…….I will be wearing both socks…….one on either leg.

Phenom Youth Baseball Bat with the Axe handle from Baden Sports – This youth baseball bat has a unique handle which improves your grip and enhances your chances of hitting the baseball….and helps you hold onto it after contact, which is a safety plus. In baseball, a strong grip is the foundation of a good at-bat!

NeverFlat basketball from Spalding – This ball stays inflated with air ten times longer than any other basketball on the market. It is made with NitroFlate technology, which was developed by NASA scientists. Basketball is America’s most popular team sport.

For more information visit their website a and follow them at #PHITAmerica and #GetActive