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This ‘Shark Tank’ product is making waves in public restrooms

Nobody looks forward to changing a diaper. It’s typically a hassle; you always need another free hand or extra time to sanitize the space for your child. Luckily for us, Indiana native Addie Gundry is turning the tables with her successful ‘Shark Tank’ pitch, Pluie!

Pluie is a diaper changing table that self-sanitizes! You read that right, it sanitizes itself! It’s UV-C light system kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

The table also features handles on both sides. Not only can they open the table, but they also hold your bags so they don’t sit on the floor. To keep your baby secure while on the table, Pluie tables feature a locking, retractable belt that can be fastened with one hand.

Pluie uses innovative technology and a sleek design to create the cleanest, most comfortable, and convenient baby products on the market. They lead with a family-first approach; made clear through their inclusive branding towards any and all types of families.

Their inclusivity extends past their branding…

The Pluie table is being installed in women’s and men’s restrooms! At the Indiana State Fair, 12 Pluie tables can be found across the fairgrounds! They’re located in the Fall Creek Pavillion, the Farm Bureau Building, Indiana Farmers Coliseum, the Pioneer Village Green, the DNR Building, and the West Pavillion.

Addie hopes to put a Pluie table in every public restroom across the country! However, she cites the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana to be extremely welcoming of her invention.

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