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Plymouth, Massachusetts: America’s hometown

Plymouth, Massachusetts: America’s hometown

As Plymouth, Massachusetts, readies itself to commemorate Thanksgiving in the very place where this iconic holiday originated 400 years ago, the historic significance and enduring traditions come to life.

Live from the Mayflower II, a replica of the original Mayflower that voyaged to America over four centuries ago, historian and storyteller Richard Pickering will transport us back to the dramatic moments of the ship’s 1620 crossing, culminating in the inaugural Thanksgiving celebration.

Pickering will illuminate the differences between that historic feast and today’s Thanksgiving traditions, emphasizing the profound impact of the Mayflower voyage on shaping civil society and influencing the U.S. Constitution.

He will also shed light on the lasting peace alliance forged between the Pilgrims and Native American communities in March 1621, which endured for nearly 55 years.

As Plymouth prepares for Thanksgiving, it reflects on the historical significance of 1621, with the celebration starting 402 years later with the USA Thanksgiving Parade, igniting the holiday spirit just ahead of Thanksgiving weekend.