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Pop out in your best outfit! Passion 4 Fashion Week coming to Indy

Passion 4 Fashion Week, founded by celebrity fashion stylist and runway model development expert Nicole René, is set to inspire fashion enthusiasts in Indianapolis. The event, which aims to bridge the gap between business, fashion, and beauty, offers a unique platform for industry development. With over 24 years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, René has curated an event that focuses on body positivity, building confidence, and promoting mental health awareness. Passion 4 Fashion Week provides opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, welcoming aspiring models, fashion enthusiasts, and those seeking a supportive and inclusive environment.

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This is a week-long event taking place from July 9th to July 16th. The schedule includes various fashion-related activities and showcases featuring talented designers and models. The week kicks off with the “OFFICIAL” Model Shoot Out, where models can sign up to build their portfolios and network with industry professionals. On Monday, there will be a fashion show at Hovito Ultra Lounge, featuring designers like Nate Redd Clothing and Allure By Chenel. Tuesday offers a Facebook Live Beauty Shopping and Master Class event with Lancôme. Wednesday presents the Blankus Jazz & Blues Event with a men’s fashion preview by Allen & Allen Men’s Clothing. Thursday’s Rooftop Thursday event will showcase various Indy designers, including Gran Coramino and Diva’s Kitchen. Friday brings an IBE Free Concert & Fashion Interviews, followed by the highly anticipated IBE Fashion Show on Saturday at the Indiana Convention Center. The week concludes with the grand opening and fashion show of Diva’s Kitchen on Sunday. The entire event aims to celebrate fashion, beauty, and creativity.

Passion 4 Fashion Week is known for uniting its audience with the latest clothing lines, ranging from youth fashion to street style, ready-to-wear, and couture. The event has collaborated with notable celebrity designers, agencies, and brands, fostering industry connections and providing participants with valuable industry-standard knowledge and expertise. With a commitment to fostering a broader mindset within the business, fashion, and beauty industry, Passion 4 Fashion Week aims to empower participants and instill confidence through the transformative power of fashion and beauty.