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Post Road Music Academy creating tomorrow’s musicians

The Post Road Music Academy is transforming lives through music education and creating a positive ripple effect in the community. Today, we’re delighted to have Eugene Strader, Jr., the Founder and Director of the Post Road Music Academy, as our guest.

Nestled within the Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Church of God in Christ, at 3400 North Post Road, this academy isn’t just about music; it’s a beacon of hope and positivity on the far east side of Indianapolis.

In a neighborhood often overshadowed by negative headlines, Eugene envisioned a brighter future and sought to harness the power of music to achieve it. With the support of his church’s senior pastor, Tom Glenn, the academy was born, and it has flourished over the past two years. Starting with just two students, they have now grown to nearly twenty, a testament to the transformative impact of this initiative.

Twice a year, the academy hosts recitals that draw in over 90 proud family members and friends, all witnessing their loved ones blossoming into talented musicians. Today, Eugene will share insights into the academy’s curriculum, the age range for aspiring musicians, and how you can become a part of this incredible musical journey. So, get ready to be inspired by the harmonious notes of positivity emanating from the heart of Indianapolis’s 38th & Post Road community.