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Protecting against wildfire smoke

Amidst serious air quality issues in Indianapolis caused by smoke from Canadian wildfires and the concurrent heat alerts and severe storms, Stacy Malesiewski from Austin Air Systems joined us via live Zoom as a certified clean air counselor. Malesiewski will shed light on key topics such as how to protect against wildfire smoke and the essential factors to consider when selecting an air purifier. Additionally, she will discuss the limitations of do-it-yourself (DIY) air purifiers and the availability of federal COVID funds for schools to purchase air purifiers for classrooms before the deadline of July 31.

Austin Air Systems, a leading advocate for clean air education nationwide, has recently released the Wildfire Toolkit. This comprehensive resource, available at, provides valuable information for individuals affected by wildfires. The toolkit includes insights into the health impacts of wildfires, details about government assistance programs, and guidance on cleanup and remediation. The toolkit serves as a vital resource not only for those in proximity to the fires but also for individuals across the United States who want to stay informed about this pressing issue.