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Rock Garage band program helps form music groups: Disciples of Nash perform ‘Doin’ Time,’ ‘Punk Thing’

The Rock Garage is a music lesson center and rock band program located in Indianapolis Indiana, founded in the spring of 2020. 

Preston Nash and Rocky Nash of the Rock Garage joined us today to share more about this endeavor that they started during the pandemic that has now taken off.

They also introduced us to the band, “Disciples of Nash,” who performed their songs “Punk Thing” and “Doin’ Time.”

About the Rock Garage:

The Rock Garage band program is built upon the principles of band chemistry, live experience, and having a good time!  They place their members into bands, who under the guidance of one of our professional music directors, choose and even create their own music. Then they play concerts at a variety of awesome venues, because there is no shortcut to live experience! Finally, Rock and Roll is fun, and while their mission is for you to improve as a musician, their goal is for you to have a good time doing it! 

It also offers both online and in-person individual lessons for guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and vocals.

Go to Rock Garage website for more information,