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Safe and clean school bus alternatives

Undated school bus photo. (Photo Provided/

As the new school year gears up, the familiar sight of school buses filling the streets returns. However, this time around, the journey to school holds the promise of being cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Tucker Perkins, the President and CEO of the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), joins from Atlanta to discuss the transformative impact of adopting clean and affordable energy options for school transportation.

Tucker Perkins takes center stage to underscore the significance of investing in clean school buses for our districts. With the introduction of propane buses, the ride to school becomes not only safer but also more enjoyable for students. He delves into the noticeable differences when compared to the diesel buses of yesteryears, touching upon the environmental advantages of propane as well as the tangible benefits for the school districts themselves. Tucker also addresses the financial aspect, shedding light on ways schools can finance the acquisition of these cleaner buses.

As Tucker points out, parents are undoubtedly invested in providing the best for their children. He encourages parents to take an active role in advocating for cleaner transportation solutions, suggesting that their voices can play a pivotal role in influencing school districts to opt for propane buses. The segment wraps up with a valuable resource for viewers, guiding them on where to access more information about these greener alternatives, underlining Tucker Perkins’ commitment to a safer, cleaner future for school transportation.