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Safe Haven program helps people and pets

At Grateful Rescue, Pamela provides numerous resources to support pet owners in need, but one particular resource brought immense peace of mind to a woman named Barbara Ray.

Lucy had been under Pamela’s attentive care for 12 weeks, undergoing surgeries, while her owner, Barbara Ray, was visiting her best friend for the first time in a long while.

For almost fifteen years, Lucy had been Barbara’s faithful companion, having been rescued along with her two sisters when they were abandoned on railroad tracks. Barbara shared how Lucy had adjusted to various changes over the years, from transitioning to a fenced yard to being on a line, and finally to living in a condo.

As Barbara’s health declined due to the need for oxygen and the inability to walk Lucy, Kelly Stewart stepped in to help by walking her three days a week. However, as Lucy aged and faced issues like arthritis, Barbara realized she needed a contingency plan for her beloved pet during major life events.

When Barbara began the process of a lung transplant, she found solace in Pamela’s Safe Haven Program. This unique program offered a solution for pet owners facing life-changing procedures or rehabilitation. In Lucy’s case, the program allowed her to stay at Grateful Rescue for up to 12 weeks while Barbara underwent the double lung transplant.

The service was provided free of charge, ensuring that pets like Lucy could remain with their owners during challenging times. It eliminated the difficult choice between surrendering the animal or boarding it, both of which could be stressful for the pet.

The Safe Haven Program not only relieved the anxiety of separation for Barbara but also allowed her to focus on her recovery post-surgery, knowing that Lucy was in capable hands. The program recognized the importance of pets in their owners’ lives, acknowledging that pet parents provide years of love and care and sometimes require assistance themselves.

Having the reassurance that her cherished companion was well cared for brought immense comfort to Barbara. Being separated from a pet can be emotionally challenging, but programs like Safe Haven help alleviate the burden, ensuring that pets and their owners can reunite after undergoing major life events.