Sammy Terry warns against horrors of cleaning your own gutters

Randy’s Sammy Terry laugh was scary enough to spook Sammy Terry himself, but it’s not nearly as spooky as the horrors of fall leaves, clogged gutters, and ladder safety!

Sammy Terry, television horror host, joined Brian Carriger, Gutter Helmet sales manager, to share the many ways that Gutter Helmet can help you and your home.

Leaf Update: Why aren’t the leaves falling yet?!

   – Don’t worry, they’re going to fall soon!

   – Our extended summer has made the leaves very comfortable, and most trees have yet to start turning. 

   – This could cause more leaves to fall all at once instead of gradually like in a typical year. 

   – If you’re still cleaning your gutters, you will want to plan on checking them about every 1-2 weeks as they can quickly fill up. 

   – Of course, Gutter Helmet will gladly clean your gutters for the last time when you have Gutter Helmet installed. 

Leaves + Rain + Cold weather = ICE DAMS

   – This past winter we received an abundance of calls due to ice dams forming in people’s gutters. 

   – Not only can ice dams be a nuisance, but they can cause serious damage by leaking into your home, weighing down your gutters, and forming large icicles. 

   – Standard off-the-shelf heating systems can’t get hot enough to combat ice in frigid temperatures.

   – The Helmet Heat ice reduction system from Gutter Helmet installs within your Gutter Helmet system to eliminate ice dams forming at the gutter, as well as reducing heavy dangerous icicles. 

   – The commercial grade, self regulating heat cable is installed on the underside of the Gutter Helmet panel, within the gutter itself, and through the downspouts. This allows the ice to melt and escape without freezing. 

Get rid of the leaves, and ahead of your ice dams by calling 800-5-HELMET or visit to schedule an appointment with our locally owned, Central Indiana team to give you a free estimate for the Helmet Heat ice reduction system by Gutter Helmet, and Never Clean Your Gutters Again!

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