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Saving lives one day at a time, National Suicide Prevention Month

National Suicide Prevention Month

The Indiana Youth Services Association (IYSA), represented by CEO David Westenberger and Amy Just, the Executive Director of YMCA Youth Service Bureau, is at the forefront of youth support in Indiana.

As National Suicide Prevention Month unfolds in September, they are dedicated to offering hope and assistance to the youth of the state, particularly in the realm of suicide prevention.

Amy will shed light on their efforts in this regard and explain how they bring their vision to life.

Moreover, they recognize the importance of taking care of those who devote themselves to the well-being of the youth.

IYSA serves as a statewide association of Youth Service Bureaus (YSBs) across Indiana, encompassing 26 members that provide community-based juvenile delinquency and family support programs.

These YSBs offer trauma-informed programming, emphasizing positive youth development and resilience.

Indiana’s youth are in capable hands with IYSA’s commitment to their welfare.