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Spirit & Space gives new life to things you no longer need

Spirit & Space, a professional organizing and relocation services provider, is helping people declutter and give a new life to the stuff they no longer need.

Founder and Lead Organizer, Stephanie Denson, works with clients to find homes for items they are decluttering by donating them to Indianapolis nonprofits that need pre-owned items. She joined us with Allison Dale, a USPO employee, and mother of a local teacher.

Denson explained how she helps clients support nonprofits and find new homes for their pre-owned items. Dale explained how the donated items are shared with all teachers at her daughter’s school, and her students express how “sharing is caring.”

Spirit & Space’s website has a list of nonprofits seeking pre-owned items, from furniture to housewares, clothes to toys, and everything in between, for those interested in donating their items.