Spotlight on STEM fun at Celebrate Science!

Spotlight on STEM fun at Celebrate Science!

Woah, did you see that? Things are getting messy in our studios this morning, as we see what “Elephant Toothpaste” is all about!

Here to help us experiment, as part of an upcoming STEM event are Rick Crosslin, Scientist in Residence MSD Wayne Township Schools and Rick Crosslin Science You Tube, Dr. Kim Vogt, Chair of the Department of Biology at Marian University, and Emma Carlton, Biology student at Marian University, Future Genetic Counselor.

Who: Science Education Foundation of Indiana, Indiana Academy of Science
What: Celebrate Science Indiana 2018
When: Saturday, October 5h from 9:30 am until 5:00 pm
Where: Indiana State Fairgrounds, Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion
Cost: FREE event, parking at the fairgrounds is $8
Why: For all age groups and for individuals from all walks of life, science impacts our daily lives, and the event aims to encourage young Hoosiers to pursue exciting, rewarding careers in sciences
-Activities for kids, young adults, and families: range of activities to engage Hoosiers
-For High School and College students: Network with professionals and university students in STEM fields
-For K-12 teachers: explore ideas and activities to incorporate STEM in their classroom
Theme: Periodic Table of Chemical Elements-150th Anniversary
-Indiana’s premier science festival
-This is the 9th year for Celebrate Science Indiana
-Award winning festival!
-Last year ~3,500 people attended
-Mission: Fun side of science

  • Learn How to Develop Computer Games
    -K-12 Teachers that stop by the AACT booth will receive raffle tickets for over $3,000 worth of prizes

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About today’s guests:

• Rick – science teacher in MSD Wayne Township, Indiana Expeditions of PBS science program for children, “Rick Crosslin Science” YouTube Channel with over 250 science videos

• Kim – Chair of the Biology Department at Marian University, biology faculty-teaches biostatistics, biology careers seminar, member of Celebrate Science Indiana Steering Committee, Board of Directors for the Science Education Foundation of Indiana

• Emma-Senior Biology major at Marian University, seeking a future career in genetic counseling, used Celebrate Science Indiana to network with other universities offering Master’s Programs in Genetic Counseling