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SPRINT 8 creator Phil Campbell offers free classes

Double your endurance, lose weight and gain fitness in only 20 minutes, three times a week! Sound too good to be true? Not with SPRINT 8 Exercise Program, created by Phil Campbell. Phil will be teaching some free classes at BGI Fitness.

“SPRINT 8 is like interviewing the body and asking ‘what kind of exercise program should I be doing,’ explains Phil Campbell, creator of SPRINT 8 Exercise program, “and the body is screaming at us through new research that when we do SPRINT 8, the body releases the most powerful body fat reducing, energy generating, muscle toning substance known in science — exercise-induced growth hormone. Our study on middle-aged working adults shows that targeting growth hormone with SPRINT 8 gets twice the results of injecting growth hormone in body fat loss.”

Here are some SPRINT 8 highlights:

1. Each workout takes only 20 minutes!

2. Effective for all ages and fitness levels

3. Naturally releases human growth hormone (your fitness” hormone)

4. Cuts body fat and tones muscle

5. Reduces wrinkles

6. Boosts energy

7. Improves speed and performance

8. Doubles endurance

SPRINT 8 Classes with Phil Campbell at BGI Fitness January 14-15, 2015

BGI Fitness is honored to be able to bring Phil Campbell to Indianapolis on an annual basis with support from Vision Fitness. Phil is a fountain of information and motivation. Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your fitness level in 2015!

BGI Fitness will have free Sprint 8 sessions on January 14 & 15, 2015 with Phil Campbell himself! Once a year, BGI Fitness hosts Phil Campbell,author of “Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness” and creator of SPRINT 8. Vision Fitness teamed up with Phil Campbell, to develop an anaerobic SPRINT 8 program found exclusively on Vision Fitness® cardio products. The SPRINT 8 workout is perfect for time-crunched adults because it only takes 20 minutes.

SPRINT 8 Sessions with Phil Campbell

Wednesday, January 14

5:30 pm & 7:00 pm

BGI Fitness South, 997 E. County Line Rd., Greenwood

Thursday, January 15

5:30 pm & 7:00 pm

BGI Fitness North, 4340 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis

New for 2015: Events for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are invited to attend a session designed specifically for them with Phil Campbell, author of “Ready Set Go!” and designer of Sprint 8. Attendees will learn about the science behind high-intensity interval training programs and how this can help clients achieve their goals. Personal Trainer Sessions are at BGI Fitness North (4340 E. 82nd St, Indianapolis) on Wed., January 14 from 12-1 pm (lunch provided) and Thurs., January 15 at 1-2:30 pm. Personal Trainer sessions are free, but registration is required.

Attending a SPRINT 8 Class is free, but registration is required

More details and registration:

Phil Campbell, age 58, holds two advanced degrees and is certified the American College of Sports Medicine CPT. He applies his advanced training in Health Services, experience in training over 12,000 athletes in speed and strength, and his experience (over 35 years) in the development of Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness.

BGI Fitness offers unparalleled customer service, broad equipment and accessory selection and excels in providing the right equipment that will help our customers achieve their exercise goals. For more information about Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness, visit (Bicycle Garage Indy) and (BGI Fitness) or call 317-842-4140 (BGI North) or 317-885-7194 (BGI South)

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