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Summer snacking inspiration with Emily Foley

As the busy summer season kicks off, we all know that snacks are an essential part of any adventure. Joining us today is Emily Foley, a celebrity lifestyle journalist and super mom, who has teamed up with Frito-Lay to share some exciting snacking inspiration.

Foley provided valuable tips on choosing the right snacks for your summer outings, ensuring that you have convenient and delicious options at hand. She also shared her go-to snacking solution for her own family, giving viewers a glimpse into her personal snacking preferences. The importance of having a mix of sweet and salty snacks will be discussed, as Foley highlights the balance and variety that such options bring to snacking moments.

She introduced the concept of “snack match,” revealing how combining different snacks can create a unique and enjoyable snacking experience. Viewers will learn her secrets for keeping summer fun and memorable, as she shares tips on how to make the most of the season with family and friends.

Get ready to discover new and exciting snacking ideas with Emily Foley as she teams up with Frito-Lay. From choosing the perfect snacks to keeping summer enjoyable, she will provide valuable insights to elevate your snacking experience. Stay tuned to learn more and make this summer unforgettable.