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Suzanne experiments with a Coffee Donut Milkshake

Susanne Krowiak, Indy Food Swappers, experiments with a Coffee Donut Milkshake

Coffee, heavy cream (because we didn’t have milk in the Indy Style refrigerator), vanilla ice cream (at least we think it was vanilla…it was unidentified in the container) and some Jack’s Donuts.  Suzanne used fresh donuts but if you have some left over, you can put your day-olds into the shake.   Feel free to experiment and just throw in what you want and see how it comes out.

Blend it all together.  If you want to thicken is up, add another donut. Top with whip cream and try serving it in a cocktail glass.

Always start with the liquid first so that it does not clog up your blender.

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