Taking care of your own lawn versus hiring a professional

Now is the time to either do the work or have the pro’s do it for you if you want your lawn good and green for fall and into next spring.

Today Matt Green of Green’s Lawncare & Property Services joined us with some tips and pros/cons to help no matter if you decide to go the DIY route or hire a professional.

The benefits of aeration:

  • increase oxygen to the soil
  • increase root density and structure
  • increase water
  • increased nutrients

  The greens difference:

  • Equipment we use  
  • Seed quality and quantity
  • Aftercare instructions  

Professional vs Do It yourself/The hassle of doing it yourself:

  • Renting the equipment
  • Securing the seed
  • discovering how to use the equipment
  • spending your one day off doing the work
  • Guessing how much you need to water

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