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Te’Andra Tough Foundation: Join the 5K fundraiser for Appendix Cancer Awareness

Te’Andra Tough Foundation: Raising money and awareness for appendix cancer

Lace-up your running shoes and join the 5K Fundraiser for Appendix Cancer Awareness! This event is a powerful display of solidarity and support for those affected by this rare form of cancer.

By participating, communities come together to raise vital awareness, fund research, and advocate for improved treatment options. The goal is to promote early detection and a better understanding of appendix cancer.

Tonya Adams, the founder of the Te’Andra Tough Foundation, along with Crystal Burris, the event manager, shared more information about the inspiration behind this fundraiser and how people can get involved. Bella, the foundation’s Yorkie mascot, also supports the cause.

” I started in honor of my daughter Te’Andra. She was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2019. It wasn’t until a month later they diagnosed it as appendix cancer and she was already in stage four,” Adams explained.

The fundraiser aims to bring hope to patients and their families. Participants will help raise awareness and funds, making a significant difference in the fight against appendix cancer. The event is an opportunity to show support and make a positive impact.

“I read her notes that she left about six months after she passed. After reading that during COVID, I decided to ask God what it is that you want me to get from her death, and I decided to start the Te’Andra Tough Foundation,” Adams continued.

Join the 5K Fundraiser and be a part of the movement towards a brighter future. #AppendixCancerAwareness #5KFundraiser #HopeInMotion

Don’t miss this chance to make a difference and show your support for those battling appendix cancer.