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The benefits of pet therapy with Eskenazi Health

Benefits of pet therapy

Shelly Fisher, the Animal Assisted Pet Therapy Manager of the Robert and Gina Laikin Pet Therapy Program at Eskenazi Health, joined us to shed light on the program’s invaluable mission.

The program employs 24 trained and evaluated therapy dogs that provide comfort and support to patients, staff, and visitors at the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Patients have the opportunity to request visits from these therapy dogs throughout their hospital stay, promoting emotional well-being and reducing stress.

Shelly also introduced the Lisa K. Humke Canine Therapy Garden at Eskenazi Health, an outdoor space designed to foster holistic healing and enhance the interaction between therapeutic animals and humans.

If you’ve ever wondered about pet therapy at Eskenazi Health or the benefits of the Canine Therapy Garden, we’ve got the answers.

Shelly also offers valuable advice for those considering pet therapy with their dogs, and the positive impact it can have on both animals and humans.