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The Cannoli Queen shares secrets to perfect cannoli

The Cannoli Queen is a family owned and operated Italian café in Greenwood. Located at 1279 N. Emerson Ave., they offer dine-in, carry-out & catering options that are all homemade fresh from scratch in our cafe’. Their recipes have been passed down from generations from various parts of the Italian Peninsula. They offer Grinders, Soups, Entree’s & Desserts daily. They close everyday, Tues thru Saturday from 2-5:00pm while they make pasta for dinner service each night. Plus they offer a “Special” entree’, not on the menu, every evening for dinner service. The cafe’ is like being in The Cannoli’s Queen’s home kitchen, very casual, lots of conversation & always delicious food.

They say what ever main ingredient they put in there you should taste that first. We believe that  if you are putting all ingredients in you should taste a sense of everything. otherwise why to you put all those ingredients in.”

Making your own Cannoli’s

Take your Canolli dough and cut it into a 4’ x 6″ square and roll it corner to corner over a metal or wooden Canolli rod.

Glue down the top corner with some egg white wash.

Once you get them all rolled you will carefully drop them into a large stock pot type pan of oil heated to 340°. You want the pan large enough so not to crowd them.

Watch carefully…it only takes about a minute. Lift them out and, using protection on both hands, pull out the rods and set them aside to cool. They will be very hot.

Now you are ready to fill you Canolli.

Hours are: Sun & Mon. CLOSED

Tues – Thurs. 11:00-2:00pm & 5:00-8:00pm

Fri. & Sat. 11:00-2:00pm &

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