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The coffee-free cappuccino

Even if you’ve slacked on your diet for the first three days of 2017, it’s never too late to get started!

Audrey Barron from Ezra’s Enlightened Café discusses how to get on track in the New Year with nutritional eating and drinking!

Coffee-Free Cappuccino – Coffee dehydrates the body, which makes you age faster.  It can also tax the adrenals, which over time wears the body down and can contribute to chronic fatigue, brain fog and other issues. This alternative option gives you a kick and also deeply nourishes the body.  It tastes pretty amazing too!

Get Rooted Winter Detox Salad – Are you feeling the desire to kick your health into gear for 2017?  This salad will help you do it.  It is important that your meal still be filling, delicious and warming because we are still in winter. This salad is so deeply nourishing, your body will naturally tell you when it’s full.  High in protein, calcium and fiber, you will have energy for hours!

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“Get Rooted” Winter Detox Salad

Herbed Tahini Dressing

  • ¼ cup tahini
  • 1 tablespoon local honey
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • ¼ cup water
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1teaspoon fresh rosemary
  • 1 teaspoon dried mint
  • 1 teaspoon dried sage
  • 1 clove garlic

Ingredients to roast

  • 2 cups diced raw beets
  • 2 cups diced raw sweet potato
  • 2 cups diced raw red potato
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt

Other ingredients

  • 1 bunch kale, wash, de-stemmed and shredded
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoons diced red onion
  • ½ cup diced apple
  • 1 tablespoon hemp seeds
  • ¼ cup chopped walnuts
  1. To make your dressing: blend all ingredients in blender until smooth – set aside
  2. To roast veggies, preheat oven to 375. Add diced veggies to baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and sea salt. Mix with hands, spread evenly and roast for 45 minutes.
  3. To assemble your salad, add kale, olive oil and salt to large bowl and massage with your hands until kale is wilted and about half the size. Add your cooked millet and mix well. Top with your roasted veggies and apples. Sprinkle with red onion, walnuts and hemp seeds
  4. Serve with dressing on the side and enjoy the nourishment!

Coffee-Free Capuccino

In your cup, add:

  • 1 tablespoons herbal coffee (I recommend Dandy Blend)
  • 1 teaspoon cacao powder
  • 1 tablespoon coconut sugar
  • Optional – 1 teaspoon reishi powder

Pour hot water into your cup leaving enough room for your almond milk. Stir well to combine all the ingredients well. I like to blend or froth my almond milk before pouring it in. You can also gently heat it before pouring into your cup. Sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon, and enjoy!