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The Film Yap’s movies to watch: ‘Soul,’ ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘One Night in Miami’

What’s new in theaters? What’s cool on streaming? The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd runs down the list:

New in Theaters:

Wonder Woman: 1984 — She’s back! Gal Gadot returns for the second solo adventure of Princess Diana facing off with some new baddies in the era of malls and teased hair. Read more

News of the World — Tom Hanks plays a former Civil War officer who travels around the West reading news and finds himself charged with bringing a girl raised by American Indians back home. Read more

One Night in Miami — This often-riveting drama looks at a fictional meeting between Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Jim Brown and Sam Cooke. Splendidly acted.

Promising Young Woman — Carey Mulligan is terrific in this biting and controversial satire about a woman who pretends to be drunk to catch guys trying to sexually assault her. Read more

Pinocchio — This lush-looking Italian film gives a live-action take on the classic legend about a toy boy who dreams of becoming real, if he can live past the lies.

Cool on Streaming:

Soul — Jamie Foxx provides the voice in this Disney animation flick about a middle-aged music teacher who dies just before getting his shot at the big time. Now on Disney+.

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