The Film Yap’s movies to watch this weekend: ‘Come Play,’ ‘Spell,’ ‘The True Adventures of Wolf Boy,’ more

Christopher Lloyd from The Film Yap has his picks for what’s new in theaters and streaming in your living room.

New in Theaters:

Come Play — In this tech-y horror, a skeleton-like creature
calling itself Larry manifests itself inside smartphones and other devices,
stalking an autistic boy named Oliver.

Spell — A family crashlands in the Appalachian hills and the dad
finds himself the prisoner of a Hoodoo practitioner planning a dark ceremony
upon his family. 

New On Digital/Demand:

The True Adventures of Wolf Boy — Jaeden Martell plays a
13-year-old boy with hirsutism who runs away from home on a quest to find his
mom and winds up having heartfelt adventures with a coterie of interesting
characters. Read more

The Craft: Legacy — This part sequel, part reboot of the 1996
film about sexy young witches takes a spin through wokeness — and Alec Toombs
says that’s not altogether a bad thing. Read more 

You Might Have Missed:

Sleepy Hollow — Maybe not the best film of Tim Burton’s oeuvre but perhaps represents the essence of his filmmaking in this gory, daffy take on the Washington Irving tale. Read more