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The Lawnmower Project: Preparing your mower for winter

Tips for winter mower maintenance

As the winter season approaches, many homeowners wonder how to best prepare their lawnmowers for the colder months.

In an insightful interview with Gary Szymczak, Founder of The Lawnmower Project, and Jacob Couch, Technician at Broad Ripple Mower Repair, viewers will gain valuable tips on winterizing their lawnmowers.

They’ll address questions such as whether it’s better to drain all the fuel during periods of non-use and whether these maintenance tasks can be handled by homeowners themselves.

Broad Ripple Mower Repair plays a vital role as the primary financial support for The Lawnmower Project, a nonprofit initiative that refurbishes and provides lawnmowers to underserved youth, empowering them to start their own mowing businesses.

For those looking to schedule maintenance or support this noble cause, links are provided below.