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The Mind Trust: Back-to-school tips

(WISH Photo)

In an engaging segment featuring representatives from The Mind Trust, Kim Graham, EmpowerED Families Director of Partnerships & Organizing, and Aprille Goodman, Director of Enrollment at Herron Preparatory Academy, shared valuable insights on education advocacy and back-to-school tips.

Aprille Goodman, from Herron Prep Academy, shed light on the school’s role as a K-5 public charter institution and the importance of parental involvement. She highlighted key back-to-school tips for parents, emphasizing the significance of advocacy, building relationships with teachers, and getting involved in parent advocacy organizations such as EmpowerED Families. Aprille’s emphasis on open communication and collaboration between parents, teachers, and schools showcased the essential role that proactive parental engagement plays in students’ success.

Kim Graham, representing EmpowerED Families, brought attention to the organization’s mission of empowering families to advocate for equitable education. Kim’s discussion centered on essential back-to-school tips that encompassed understanding grade-level expectations, leveraging available school resources, and fostering a network of support services for children. She emphasized that parent advocacy serves as a powerful tool in ensuring high-quality education for all students, irrespective of their background. Kim underlined the significance of parent advocacy in shaping children’s ability to advocate for themselves in the future and highlighted EmpowerED Families’ role in building a community of informed and engaged parents. To learn more about Herron Preparatory Academy and EmpowerED Families, interested individuals can visit and, respectively.