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The Mind Trust presents Victory College Prep: Nurturing excellence in education and college readiness

The Mind Trust: Victory College Prep

Tyre’k Swanigan, Victory College Prep Student Recruitment Coordinator, and Rahul Jyoti, VCP Chief Readiness Officer, joined us Monday morning to share information on Victory College Prep (VCP), a beacon of educational excellence in Indianapolis.

Founded in August 2005, VCP has been dedicated to providing a top-tier education, serving nearly 1,100 students as a public K-12 charter school.

Families are choosing VCP because they value the supportive and enriching environment it offers, where students thrive.

Rahul Jyoti shed light on VCP’s recent recognition by the state of Indiana, discussing the award’s significance and how it benefits the school and its students.

Tyre’k Swanigan shed light on how students can get enrolled and the profound impact of VCP’s College, Career, and Readiness programs, showcasing their role in driving student success, acceptance rates, and college matriculation.