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The Mind Trust: Schools celebrating Black history

Schools celebrating Black history

Today, we learned about how two schools are celebrating Black History. We were joined by Dr. Mark Simon, principal of Avondale Meadows Middle School and Alyssa McIntyre, BELIEVE Circle City High School’s instructional coach. 

BELIEVE Circle City and Avondale Meadows Middle School are both free public charter schools catering to Grades 7-12 and Grades 5-8, respectively.

With a focus on college and career readiness through rigorous academics and personal development, both schools foster a supportive community comprising diverse families, educators, and volunteers.

As part of their commitment to academic excellence and cultural celebration, the schools are dedicating their second year to amplifying Black History Month. The highlight of this initiative is the monthly Community Celebration, which is being expanded for a more significant impact.

o    At Believe, On Friday, March 1, the students will be showcasing Black History, while also learning about it. The school’s focus is on The African Diaspora and the Arts. Scholars will be doing research projects (Wax Museum, Fashion Show, and Visual Projects) and more. Students and families of Believe scholars will be able to attend this event. 

o    On Friday, February 23, beginning at 10am, Avondale Meadows Middle School, will host a Black History Month Community Celebration featuring special guests, including a DJ, student performances, House Challenges, and more.

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