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The Produce Mom has ideas to get your kid to eat fruits and veggies

Produce mom showcases the new #eatbrighter Sesame Street fruits & veggies – which is an industry-wide international branding/marketing effort to promote fresh produce to children!

Try your hand at making some of the Sesame Street fruit and veg trays.

She also talks about the announcement that the Indiana Dept of Education will make tomorrow regarding a state-wide USDA Team Nutrition “Find Your Favorite” initiative that we are kicking off this month to inspire children to eat more fresh produce at schools. It’s an effort that is supported by The Produce Mom, the Colts & the IN DOE.

It is important to provide healthy snacks when it is your turn for team snack day or any other youth group/extracurricular. Instead of pre-packaged treats with little nutritional value, try simple fresh produce items that can pack well.

Produce Mom’s “recipe” for a refreshing drink-use infused water as a Gatorade alternative & maybe some veggie snacks for moms in the stands like a Swiss chard Parmesan