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The Produce Moms preps perfect snacks and drinks for tailgating season

Produce Moms: Perfect snacks for tailgating

Lori Taylor, the Founder and CEO of “The Produce Moms” brought a burst of excitement to our kitchen with apple-inspired recipes and game day treats.

Today’s recipes are all about apple season and tailgating.

Lori shared the mouthwatering recipe for Ham and Cheese Apple Slices, a perfect breadless sandwich option for those craving a healthy twist.

She also introduced the Bento Box or Tackle Box for tailgating, offering a creative way to enjoy snacks while cheering for your favorite team.

After eating all this yummy food, you may be a little thirsty, so she showed us how to make a homemade Apple Cider Bar, which you can complete with a recipe for making your very own apple cider.

The Produce Moms: Perfect snacks for tailgating, air fryer pizza bagels

Moving on to the second segment, Lori introduced us to Cowboy Caviar, a zesty and colorful appetizer perfect for any game-day gathering.

The Air Fryer Pizza Bagels added a fun twist to the menu.

To wrap things up, Lori demonstrated how to create a Bloody Mary Bar, complete with a recipe for homemade Bloody Mary Mix using fresh tomatoes.

With “The Produce Moms,” every meal is flavorful, and this one was no exception!