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The Wildwoods perform live

The Wildwoods perform

Lincoln, Nebraska-based folk/Americana trio The Wildwoods performed Thursday on Life.Style.Live!, bringing their unique sound to the show. The group, consisting of violinist Chloe Gose, guitarist Noah Gose, and bassist Andrew Vaggalis, played one songs: “West Virginia Rain” (2:46).

The Wildwoods discuss their distinctive sound and musical inspirations. Chloe Gose described their music as “a journey through the soul of American roots,” emphasizing the influence of folk and Americana traditions. The band will also discuss what the audience can expect from their upcoming performance and share insights into how they have evolved over time.

The Wildwoods have earned accolades in international songwriting competitions and have received standing ovations at festivals like Summerfest and FreshGrass. Their latest release, “Foxfield Saint John” (2023), has further established them as a prominent force in the folk music scene.

Looking ahead, the band is excited about future projects and goals. Noah Gose mentioned, “We’re always working on new music and looking forward to connecting with our audience in new ways.”

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