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They’re easy and tasty! Summer refreshments with Chef Charles

Happy Wednesday! Chef Charles Bryant, the creator of Hartwell’s Premium, joined us for another episode of “Easy and Tasty with Chef Charles.” He showcased delicious summer meals and refreshments that are simple yet flavorful and perfect for the summer season.

The first recipe demonstrated by Chef Charles was Shrimp Summer Rolls with Crunchy Peanut Sauce. This dish not only looks visually appealing but is also incredibly tasty. The combination of fresh shrimp and vibrant vegetables wrapped in rice paper, along with the addictive crunchy peanut sauce, will make this a standout summer treat.

Moving on to the second segment, Chef Charles demonstrated Marsala Spiked Strawberries with Orange Zabaglione. This recipe takes the classic combination of strawberries and cream to a whole new level. By infusing the strawberries with Marsala wine and serving them alongside a luscious orange zabaglione, Chef Charles elevated this simple dessert into a sophisticated and refreshing summer indulgence.

Viewers can find out more about Hartwell’s Premium by visiting the website at Take a look at the full interview above to indulge in his culinary creations!