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Three ways to spice up your gingerbread houses this holiday

It’s not too late to decorate gingerbread houses for the holidays. Building them is a great way to start a family tradition and spend quality time together, creating family connections.  You can mix it up and try these versions that will put a twist on the process. Melissa Jones, Founder of Girls Positivity Club, joined us today to discuss.

Themed Gingerbread Houses: Choose a family theme like vacation gingerbread houses, a winter village, the North Pole, a fairy village, Harry Potter houses, beach theme, etc.  Decide on your theme ahead of time, and everyone creates a house that would live in that setting.   

Competition Style : Put out your materials, set the ground rules, and put a time limit on your creation.  You can say that everyone has to use certain materials, or limit to how many of something one person or team can use, or anything you want to agree upon ahead of time.  You can even have judges and a prize.   

Relaxed Style: Put on a movie or holiday music, lay out the materials, and sit around decorating together while you talk or do a round of Would You Rather.  The point is to have a relaxing, fun time together, be creative and create family traditions.   

No matter the ages of your family members, building gingerbread houses together is a great tradition to kick off holidays together.   

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