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Tips for students, parents, and educators to have a great school year

The Mind Trust shares back to school tips for parents

As students prepare to go back to school this fall, it’s important for families and educators to help them transition. Today on Life.Style.Live! Ruth Hurrle, principal of Indiana Math & Science Academy North, and Marlin Jackson, Fight for Life founder and CEO, shared tips to make this school year a success.

Here are some back to school tips for parents:

  • Know your child’s guidance counselor
  • Follow the graduation tracks
  • Ask about dual-college credits and trade certifications
  • Take college tours
  • Hold your child accountable, but also listen to their concerns

Here are some back to school tips for students and educators:

  • Reflect on self awareness
  • Consider social awareness and relational skills
  • Understand the impact of decision making

The Indiana Math & Science Academy North is a public charter school serving children in grades K-12. The school’s mission is to provide a safe and enriching learning environment where the whole student is nurtured and developed. You can learn more about IMSA North here.

Fight for Life is an organization that works with educators and school leaders to help them connect with students and create healthier classrooms. The foundation’s goal is to help students have the social and emotional qualities needed for success. Jackson also discussed several social-emotional tips:

  • Self awareness: How am I feeling heading into the new school year?
  • Social awareness: How am I going to learn about the people around me?
  • Self management: What can I do to set myself and my peers up for success?
  • Decision making: What will drive my decision making within my enviornment?
  • Relationship skills: How can I build relationships built on trust?

You can learn more about Fight for Life here.

This content is made possible by The Mind Trust, an organization that empowers students, educators, and communities in Indianapolis.