To give or to get this holiday season

Useful, fun, creative and yummy! Check out these products that the people on your holiday list are sure to love:Bottle Gift Bags,

Use Nod Products for any home gathering! Products include themed snack & cocktail party picks, 2-in-1 wine pourer/stoppers and Nod’s infamous gift bags with silicone glass markers. All Kitchy Host products are made with recycled paper, 100% stainless steel and food grade silicone. So don’t just go to the party, be the party! On-trend kitchen hacks you never knew you needed. Nod Products are unrivaled in cost, quality and wit….but simply put they’re irresistible. Fun-loving, joy-bringing brand that designs products for people like us.BuddyPhones WAVE by ONANOFF

 BuddyPhones WAVE is the first ever wireless and waterproof volume limiting headphones designed specifically for kids! WAVE offers four listening modes, depending on the child’s age and surroundings the ideal audio setting and listening mode can be selected by holding both volume buttons down simultaneously. Choose between Toddler Mode (75Db), Kids Mode (85Db), Travel Mode (94Db) or the Study Mode (94Db). The brand new, innovative Study Mode with proprietary technology was pioneered by ONANOFF to optimize vocal clarity and enhance speech. This industry first “Study Mode” is engineered to offer clearer, crisper vocals to help kids stay focused when studying, watching educational videos, or streaming lectures.  With more added features, the BuddyPhones WAVE is truly the best kids headphones ever made. The headphones are connected via Bluetooth, with over 24 hours of battery life. The WAVE can also be used with the detachable BuddyCable when out of battery for sharing with up to four friends. WAVE fully charges for an amazing 24 hours of playing time for long-lasting listening. Simply use the included BuddyCable back-up if the battery does run out. BuddyPhones WAVE is also fully waterproof, so it can be brought in water without a worry. Children can bring their WAVE to the beach or the pool thanks to waterproof protection up to 10 feet deep.

Made to last as kids grow, BuddyPhones WAVE is extremely durable and can be fully adjusted to different sizes. The headband is made of a specially calibrated polypropylene so it can be bent and pulled in all directions and won’t snap. The materials are PVC and phthalate-free, making them soft and flexible enough to withstand wear -and -tear, yet still sturdy enough to hold their shape, giving the headphones longer lasting value. Additionally, the headbands are fitted with pillow-soft hypoallergenic ear cushions to fit snugly and comfortably on kids, even those with sensitive skin. WAVE’s optional travel kit includes a protective hard case with a water-resistant zipper and an airplane plug so they can sit back and enjoy the journey. Available in 4 fun designs, including Monkey, Unicorn, Bee and Robot.

Homework and Headphones: Have more than one child sharing a room at home… no problem. While one is working on their tablet or laptop wearing BuddyPhones, the other child can still concentrate on their task at hand. Like the original, the new BuddyPhones Explore from onanoff feature a built-in, volume limiting circuitry that caps the sound automatically at 85 decibels which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for kids. The foldable edition has foldable handles to easily stow away when not in use, and comes in an inclusive bag. BuddyPhones come with the BuddyCable system, a built-in audio splitter that allows up to four audio cables to connect to one device, allowing up to four kids to share one device, squabble-free. or Tags:

New Bad Tags; we can personalize the other side with the pet’s name and on the back – the owner’s name/phone number. (For Example: Front of Tag: “I Ate Santa’s Cookies” – Back: I’m Rover, If Lost, Please call my Mom at 315-234-2344.) Cookie Cups – Born and baked in Philadelphia with LOVE

This tale begins with two best friends in Ms. Wheeler’s 7th grade class. A new ambitious idea that was their own. They thought, cookies & milk is the best snack – why not combine them into one experience?

Years later, Michelle pitched the concept to her Entrepreneurship Class at Drexel University. She began prototyping the Cookie Cup in her dorm’s kitchen, & quickly realized that she had something delicious to share with everyone. After innumerable hours, heaps of flour, & thousands of chocolate chips later, the perfect Cookie Cup was born!

ChocAmo’s commitment to quality & innovation is fueled by our mission to inspire taste buds everywhere, one Cookie Cup at a time.A Cookie Cup is…

A sweet canvas for the dessert of your dreams.

Fill it with milk, ice cream, espresso or even your favorite cocktail!