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Top trends in pet health from Tom Dock

Tom Dock from Noah’s Animal Hospital joined us today to share top trends in pet health. Here is more information:

  1. New pain reliever for cats: Solensia. This is huge because cats don’t process most drugs the same way that dogs do, and that has led to some issues with providing effective pain relief for them.  A new drug called Solensia is helping to keep cats with arthritis more comfortable.   
  1. New diets are hitting the market that can provide extensive relief to many dogs who suffer from environmental allergies like pollens, grasses, dust, etc. These diets help provide a healthier skin barrier to keep pets from developing significant skin infections and lessen the desire to itch! 
  1. Did you know that if you are allergic to cats you can purchase a food that will help lessen the amount of allergens that the cat produces, thereby reducing your allergic symptoms.

For more information visit the Noah’s Animal Hospital website.