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Toy time– toys to help kids learn and express their imaginations

Toys, galore!

We got to “play” this morning on Indy Style, as Contributing Editor for The Toy Insider Charlene DeLoach shares some of the top toys for kids “of all ages!”


● Learn Physics at home!

● Also works on collaboration, a skill for project based learning used in schools

● Power Treads are all-surface vehicles that flip, rip, and roam all over your home.

● Design and customize your ASV in a snap. Then, build epic trails using the modular track set.

● Place tracks closer together for more control or expand them out for more challenging routes.

● To conquer new heights, activate the Power Trekker to trek around or power through!

● You can even add obstacles using found objects to create cool stunts and challenges. The bigger the scale, the more epic the trail!

● With more than 1,000 courses, you can build any trail at
unlimited scale.

● Ages: 5+

● MSRP: $24.99-39.99

● Available: Fall at mass retail


● Encourage beginning math and calculator skills while providing lots of opportunities for imaginative play.

● Features a built-in solar calculator that helps familiarize children with the use of a calculator.

● They’ll also learn currency denomination and have fun handling life-size money.

● Large buttons on the keypad are easy for little hands to press and the cash drawer makes a ‘cha-ching’ sound when it opens

● Ages: 3+

● MSRP: $39.99 (CAD $46.99)

● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart


● PUSH, POP, AND LEARN! Squishy bubbles captivate the fingers while inspiring early bilingual learning

● ON ONE SIDE, NUMERALS 1 through 10 and matching words; Other side, words in Spanish, dots to count!

● PERFECT FOR AGES 12 MONTHS AND UP; High-quality ABS plastic frame; Bubbles made of 100% silicone

● ENCOURAGES FINE MOTOR SKILLS, sensory exploration; Early number learning, counting, and reading

● Release Date: Available Now

● Age: 1+

● MSRP: $19.95

● Available: Fat Brain Toys

Roots Paint Your Own (HORIZON GROUP)

● Art Class at Home!

● Paint, design, and display a one-of-a-kind animal by Creative

Use the 6-inch ceramic animal as your blank canvas to create vivid paint patterns that express your style.

● Discover the art of color mixing as you create different hues, vibrant color schemes, and decorative accents.

● Available in fun, new animals including fox, llama, and more!

● Ages: 8+

● MSRP: $9.99

● Available: Amazon, Indigo


● Work on Natural Science at home!

● Create incredible, polished rocks, gemstones, and minerals with the National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler!

● This expansive set contains a heavy-duty tumbling machine and rubber tumbler barrel. A programmable timer ensures you get the perfect tumble time.

● You also get one pound of rough rocks to tumble, 5 jewelry settings, tumbling grit, and a detailed learning guide with instructions.

● Learn all about the fascinating way rocks are polished in nature, how gemstones are used in jewelry, and much more in the full-color learning guide.

● Ages: 8+

● MSRP: $99.99

● Available: Target, Walmart, Amazon

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