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Vera Stewart talks holiday planning and tips for a festive season

Planning for the holidays

Vera Stewart is a figure in the world of Southern cuisine, known as a cooking show host, entrepreneur, caterer, mail-order aficionado, cookbook author, and mentor.

Her journey in the culinary world began when she earned her Home Economics Education degree from the University of Georgia in 1974.

Vera initially shared her love for teaching by enriching high school students with culinary knowledge for four years.

She ventured into the world of catering, with a milestone being the inaugural luncheon for Governor Joe Frank Harris in 1983, which catapulted her VeryVera brand in 1984.

Vera’s business diversified into a multifaceted catering and mail-order enterprise with national sales.

She extended her passion for teaching through the VeryVera Cooking Camp, which celebrated its 16th year in 2019 and expanded through a successful franchise program.

Vera deepened her connection with her fan base through The VeryVera Show, a beloved cooking and lifestyle program.

She released two cookbooks, “The VeryVera Cookbook: Recipes From My Table” in 2018 and “Occasions” in 2023, showcasing her culinary expertise.

Throughout her career, Vera’s true passion lies in mentoring young individuals, offering scholarships, internships, and opportunities to flourish.

With her infectious enthusiasm, winning smile, and unwavering dedication, Vera Stewart continues to inspire and delight the world of Southern cooking.