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VEX Robotics Competition hosts state championship in Indy

Get ready for a blast of robotic excitement! We’ve got an incredible lineup of participants from Robokauz, including the dynamic trio: Theo Lach, Daniel Leatherwood, and Duncan Blank.

This robot snatches up discs like a pro and sends them flying through the air. Now, we can’t bring the entire game field to the studio (it’s massive and would take ages to set up), but fear not, out-of-town viewers! VEX Robotics Competition is a statewide program, so if you’re tuning in from elsewhere, chances are your schools have awesome robotics programs too!

The Robokauz team shared their epic adventures competing in VEX Robotics Competition events and the invaluable lessons they’ve learned along the way.

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To help you wrap your head around the awesomeness of VEX Robotics Competition, we’ve cooked up a special treat. Tech Point will be serving up a short video that gives you a turbo-charged overview of VEX Robotics Competition, with a focus on the epic happenings right here in Indiana.

Prepare to have your mind blown as you witness the colossal scale of this program. We’re talking about a worldwide phenomenon, folks! And Indiana has around 200 teams battling it out at the high school level alone. Can you even imagine the electrifying atmosphere?

Now let’s break down the competition. It’s like the Olympics of robotics! Each season brings a brand-new game, and teams design mind-blowing robots to conquer the challenges. The action starts heating up in October after teams spend the summer fine-tuning their mechanical marvels.

To enter the State Championship, teams must first qualify at a local competition, and from there, they can skyrocket all the way to the World Championships! Indiana boasts around 5,000 high school teams worldwide, and that’s no small feat, my friends.

Hold onto your hats because the competition has more than one thrilling chapter. The Tournament Championship is where teams battle it out in rounds, giving it their all to seize victory at every stage. But that’s not all! The Skills Championship puts teams’ driving and autonomous abilities to the test, with combined scores determining the true masters of the arena. And hey, it’s not just about the robot mechanics. Teams submit an Engineering Notebook, a tell-all document revealing their design genius, strategies, and schedules.

Guess who won it at the World Championship? That’s right, Robokauz! They truly rocked the robotic realm!

Robokauz, our hometown heroes, is an independent robotics team that transcends school boundaries. These tech wizards have been wowing audiences for seven thrilling years, completely self-taught and unleashing their robot’s power in jaw-dropping performances.

Now, if you’re hungry for more, feast your eyes on the VEX Robotics Competition website at and the Tech Point Youth website at You can also visit