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Vintage racing games on display at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Vintage Games at the IMS Museum

Luke Edwards, Digital Content Manager at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, showcased several vintage games today from the vault on “Life.Style.Live!”

Luke was able to bring an F1 slot car track, which is a toy he used to play with as a kid. It is a track run by triggers that comes with more than 10 race cars that you could use to race against your friends. Currently at the IMS museum they have an exhibit called “Our Collection, Your Favorites” where you can now see three unique slot car tracks, games, and unique board games from the 1930’s.

These games are are a huge reason that the IMS became so popular because they allowed kids to play their favorite driver and learn more about them. Luke was also able to bring an unopened version of the Nintendo 64 digital game which also allowed kids to become their favorite driver by racing like them. The digital game later became compatible with portable steering wheels and brakes, which definitely changed the game and feeling.

You can check out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway museum everyday from 9am-5pm up until November 6, 2023 when they will then close for major renovations. This renovation is the first since they opened the building in 1976. The museum will be closed until April of 2025 which is a two year long period so check out the museum now while you can!