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We Try It: Loopy Cases & I-Fork

We get lots of items sent to us at Indy Style, and today we’re trying out two of them! Here’s more on Loopy cases and the iFork!Loopy Cases:

Loopy Cases was founded by three Indiana brothers after their father dropped his iPhone 4s and cracked the screen just moments after purchasing it. Founded in late 2012 in Schererville, Indiana, Loopy Cases is a smartphone case company that has developed a slim, non-bulky case with a patented finger loop on the back to prevent users from dropping their devices and also making them much easier to use one-handed.

The Loopy® Vibe™

Loopy Cases released the all new Loopy Vibe for the iPhone 6 on March 7, 2015. The Loopy Vibe was created with three simple guidelines: design a case that prevents drop, protective yet non-bulky, and do it all at a reasonable price. More than 200 Loopy Cases customer reviews and constant customer feedback went into the design to make the perfect case for the consumer. Customer demand drove the company to quickly follow the Vibe for iPhone 6 with a Loopy Vibe case for the iPhone 6 Plus which was released May 8, 2015.

Award-winning Loopy™ Design

In March of 2013, Loopy Cases won two awards from two major university competitions. The first award was for first place in the annual Purdue Big Sell Entrepreneurship Competition. The second, the following weekend, was for first place at the Indiana University IDEA Competition.

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Sit down for lunch, stand up with the flu? Not if you use iFork-the intelligently designed new line of flatware!

When it comes to dining, most of us would never dream of using a knowingly dirty utensil; however, this is exactly what is happening every day throughout restaurants, cafés, and even at home! When you place a utensil on a table or any other surface, that fork, spoon, or knife is probably picking up whatever was left behind, and that often means bacteria and viruses! Now, thanks to iFork, you can have utensils that never make actual contact with the surface below, keeping your fork clean and you free of harmful surface germs and bacteria! Keeping your surfaces clean is another advantage of iFork. Instead of placing a utensil that has been covered in food down on your table or kitchen surface, iFork keeps the mess off your countertops.

At home, forget about wasting extra plates or napkins when you place your dish in the microwave and have nowhere to lay your utensils down. With iFork you can avoid wasting extra dishes or leaving a mess. Gone are the days of buttering your toast, only to search for a spare plate or extra napkin in order to keep grease off the counter. Now, thanks to the iFork line of utensils, you can keep your surfaces clean!

Surface germs are everywhere and include both viruses and bacteria. These germs are transmitted from respiratory droplets from sneezing and coughing, and thorough contact transmission when your hand or mouth comes in contact with a contaminated surface. iFork is the perfect choice for the family who wants to stay healthy!

Available in both a plastic and handcrafted stainless steel option

• Keeps surface germs away from your mouth, meaning less colds and flus!

• Keeps surfaces clean, avoiding timely cleanup and cross contamination from food to surfaces

• Available at Walmart beginning July 4th! Get a 51 piece plastic combo set for only $3.98 at select stores!

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