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We Try It: Pillow Cube, Tossits, Flax4Life

Amber was joined by her husband this morning to review a few interesting products. Find out what they had to say about them in the latest “We Try It” segment.

Pillow Cube:
Make sure you are getting plenty of rest with his must-have pillow for side sleepers. Pillow Cube helps with spinal alignment, decreases sleep apnea and reduces acid reflux. It’s made in the U.S.A. out of the same high rebound comfort foams that the top bed-in-the box companies use. Pillow Cube gives you a highly engineered, structurally soft, perfectly shaped bed for your head wrapped up in a silky-smooth stretchy cover. It is perfect to take traveling and even to use in-between your legs for the best night’s rest.


Don’t fight over chargers when you can stock up on these amazingly convenient wireless charging stones! These “stones” allow you to charge any compatible device without the use of cables, by simply placing the device on the wireless charging spot. It works with electromagnetic fields that allow it to transfer energy between two devices. Price: $69.90

Tossits (also available on

Empty drinks, snack wrappers, take out containers…Tossits will save your car’s interior and keep trash off the roads. Simply hang Tossits on the back of a headrest and fill with dry or wet trash as needed. When the bag is full, rip it off the pack, securely seal it by removing the adhesive strip. Leak-proof and smell-proof (great for car sickness!), they have 10 bags in a header and fit around all headrests and are made from postindustrial recycled material. Tossits are unobtrusive and better yet, very affordable. Price: $8.99+ 


Healthy snacks are always important to keep on hand and with Flax4Life’s Gluten-free yummy brownies and muffins, healthy snacks have never tasted better! Choose from a variety of flavors, it will be pretty easy to stock on your favorite kinds! Price: $5.50