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We Try It: Uber Fridge, Akalo D3 Patch, Giftgowns face masks

Amber was joined by her husband this morning to review a few interesting products. Find out what they had to say about them in the latest “We Try It” segment.


Immune health is on the top of everyone’s mind right now, and AKALO’s D3 Patch will help boost your immune system with a continuous, slow-release delivery of vitamin D3 to your body – lasting up to 10 times longer than vitamin pills can. In addition to a healthy immune system, D3 is important for sleep quality, mood regulation, and bone and heart health. Their patches wear just like a sticker or a Band-Aid, and it works somewhat like an IV, but without the invasiveness or pain and at a fraction of the cost. In addition to their D3 patch, AKALO also offers their Vitamin B1 Hangover Patch, that also works great for jetlag. Just wear either patch before bed, drinking or flying and leave on for 24 hours. Each set comes in a 5-pack.

Available at:

Price: #25

Uber Fridge

up your work from home space? You definitely need
this Uber Mini Fridge that will keep your drinks/snacks
cold and coffee hot! 

sleek and highly functional design features heating and cooling options to keep
contents cool or hot. Utilizing state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly
thermo-electric Peltier Technology, Uber Chill is capable of cooling
or warming within a reasonable amount of time, cooling down to 32o F and
warming up to 150o F. Keep your food warm now and your drinks cold for later!

Available at: or

Price: $38+

Giftgowns –
This much beloved brand is now donating masks to hospitals in LA, NY, and
Canada to frontline healthcare workers so everyone can stay protected during
this time. 

Available at:  

Price: $15.00