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What teachers wish they could say, comedian Eddie B peels back the curtain

Eddie B. talks Teachers Only comedy tour

Eddie B. started out as a comedian, eventually becoming a teacher and turning to the classroom.

One day, as Eddie says, he decided to share on video things teachers really want to say to kids.

So, he gave his students some hush work as he calls it, and began filming his first video sharing what teachers really want to say.

In a matter of hours, the video got the attention of educators all over the country.

They realized they were not alone. They finally had someone who would joke about the things they were reluctant to say out loud.

It didn’t take long for Eddie to realize he had something special in his videos.

In 2017 he decided to take his comedy act on the road going to clubs, theaters, and arenas with his “Teachers Only Comedy Tour”.

In 2019 he went on his “I’m Already Professionally Developed Tour”.

Now, Eddie B. is going to perform at Clowes Memorial Hall as part of his “Teachers Only” comedy tour.

Eddie B. came on Life.Style.Live! ahead of his performance at Clowes. He says his comedy isn’t just for teachers. It’s for anyone who has thought “I’d really like to say this right now”.

If you want tickets to the show you can go to

The show is Friday night, September 15.

Clowes Memorial Hall is located at 4602 Sunset Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46208.

You can also check out Eddie B.’s comedy on all his social media platforms.

Eddie says his show is fun for the whole family.